Impact and wellbeing of Corona

  The impact and wellbeing of Covid-19? The corona crisis is rampant with no signs to end anytime soon, no one knows how long the crisis will continue or what will be the volume of the damage. Amidst this healthcare concern, there is also this growing concern about the economic loss of lock down, loss of employment, loss of capital. with a recent publication circulating in web media platform that the Lawyers body Bar Council of India has written the Prime Ministers seeking a subsistence Allowance of Rs. 20,000 per month, it is clear that everyone expects a good bailout package for their survival or to make good of the corona impact. Come what may, there is also remains this deep-rooted fact that that a large bailout may have an adverse impact on the Rupee and bring in more volatility than good. The Corona crisis is a shocker and will absorb the impact on its own timelines. So the Headway? To bring their economy back or to minimise the corona impact, nations have started announcing economic packages amid the Coronavirus pandemic gripping countries across the globe. With the corona crisis nearing the 1,000 marks, the Government of India perhaps seeing … Continue reading Impact and wellbeing of Corona